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Distributor Management System&Sales Force Automation

Real Time Online Dataflow and Reporting

Advanced discount and promotion (Pro-Engine) capabilities

Advanced seller route tracking

Traditional sales, Pre-sales, collection capabilities

Detailed reporting and analyzing capabilities

MatriX Specifications
MatriX Specifications

Mobile Sales System

Mobile Invoicing, order taking, collecting, equipment tracking system. Based on Windows Mobile and Android device.

SgoMatrix Mobil ile Sahada Sıcak Satış!

B2B Eticaret
B2B Mobile (e-commerce): Your Sales Representative that works 24/7 !

Works real time with the SFA-Matrix,

Defining different promotion discounts for every customer

Defining promotions in all types

B2B order tracking via mobile

SMS Notifications

Announcing trainings, notifications

SgoMatrix B2B E-Commerce

Delivery Route Optimisation on the map

Works real time with the SFA-Matrix,

Save up to 25% on fuel

Assigning delivery line for each slip

Coloring the routes

Automatic and manual dispatch

Delivery route distance information

In sync with the Delivery Mobile app

Delivery Route Optimisation on the map

Mobile Sales and Distributors System Software.

With its GPRS and GPS supported mobile interface SGO-MatriX enables faster  planning to analysis also saves on time and staff. With the SaaS model, investment costs are completely eliminated for the headquarters, regional offices, branch offices, distributors and dealers.

SGO-MatriX enables for orders to be taken from the office and/or the field and to be invoiced. The quickness and practical of the shipping operations can also be tracked.

Firms with vendor structures, field sales and take orders can use this software.  (Eg: Market, hardware store, grocery store, buffet, chain stores, canteens, etc. distribution firms can use.)

SGO-MatriX Özellikleri
SGO-MatriX (Sales Force Automation) a mobile sales and distribution program is a software solution that enables outlets and sales organizations to be managed from a single center. Helps managers take quick and strategic decisions instantly with the collected data from the field.
MATRIX Module and Integration
Parallel to our costumers constantly changing and innovative internal needs;
requests that are able to adapt to the system infrastructure and enriches the quality of the program are evaluated and acordingly implemented.